domingo, 22 de junio de 2008

A different walk

We belong to the city, my loyal soldier, Rex and me, are used to walk among high buildings and traffic lights; in Valencia.

Yesterday we took a different choice. We rediscovered the paradise, the paradise lost for citizens that had not the fortunne to live in the country.

There is a river, not a long river, but not short.

It is a river who sculptured a valley in the inland of Castellón, it is the River Palancia.

It goes ahead looking for the see near Sagunto, but in its medium course there is a beautiful city named Segorbe.

I enjoyed with my loyal soldier Rex the pleasure of nature. A wild nature, the freshness of ancient trees such as figue trees, olive trees and the orchard.

Soft and humid fertile land under my feet made me feel alive.

As sun was going down, the intense light of the Mediterranean was disapparing among the branches and leaves of the trees.

I heard voices, ones were lounder others not, these voices were the voices of irrigation channels, but as I went on I heard a voice lounder than the others, it was a fericious one, it was the voice of the River Palancia.

And watching that spectacle I thought how much time I had lost in the city, but fortunotely it still was not late.

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